The Authority Problem Series

This is a series of videos on what A Course in Miracles refers to as the authority problem. These videos are about how the authority problem manifests in the world. Unlike my other videos, which are hosted on a third party website, I'm hosting the videos in this series on this blog. But that means I have to keep the videos small, which means low definition. Since the videos will be low definition anyway, I plan on playing around with the video content in these videos by not limiting the video footage to my own recent travels. And I also plan on changing the coloring in these videos to make them more artsy, fun and trippy. I'm not sure how many videos will be in this series, but, in time, there should be at least several. 

Part 1: Democratic Authority

Part 2: Tyrants Love Big Problems

Part 3: Law Enforcement

Part 4: Teachers and Education

Part 5 (Coming Eventually)